Martedì Ott 27


Animals from far and near are exhibited in the zoological sector, including some species destinated to extintion.

The zoology exhibits begin with vertebrates. The first showcases show the characteristics of this zoological group that, while not as numerous as the number of species, it is certainly the best known.

Since the first windows can perceive the setting of the museum exhibition that, in recent years, has introduced sensory spaces can offer the visitor the opportunity to "touch" the foregoing.

Following the exhibition through a systematic approach to meet: fish with forms adapted to different aquatic environments; amphibians, animals whose development is characterized by phases to aquatic life and terrestrial life stages; reptiles, the first true conquerors of the land; birds, among which we can observe the flightless larger and more powerful, to finally get to the hall of mammals. A new extraordinary exhibition was recently inaugurated, the hall of marine mammal.

A special area has been set up dedicated to the rispect of animals and the international laws for their safeguard.

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