Volume XXIV 2003 – Marine biogeography of the Mediterranean Sea: patterns and dynamics of biodiversity. Part I

  • Indice. pdf.pdf1.04 MB
  • SBORDONI V. – Preface. pdf.pdf85.1 KB

  • BACCETTI B. – Gli anni magici della Zoologia. pdf 389.52 KB

  • TAVIANI M. – Shaping the biogeography of the Mediterranean basin: one geologist’s perspective. pdf 1.76 MB

  • ANTONIOLI F. – Sea level change in Italy during last 300 ka. A review. pdf.pdf4.27 MB

  • ESPOSITO A., ULISSE A., GUALA I., BUIA M. C. – Macroalgal epiphytes of Posidonia oceanica leaves: biogeographic aspects. pdf.pdf2.74 MB

  • GUALA I., FLAGELLA M. M., ANDREAKIS N., PROCACCINI G., KOOISTRA W. H. C. F., BUIA M. C. – Aliens – Algal introductions to European shores. pdf.pdf3.2 MB

  • MICHELI C., PAGANINI P., MAFFUCCI M., DOLCE T., NASCETTI G., PEIRANO A., BIANCHI C. N., RISMONDO A., CURIEL D. – Seagrasses biodiversity (Posidonia oceanica and Zostera marina) in the Mediterranean Sea. pdf.pdf334.72 KB

  • PANSINI M., LONGO C. – A review of the Mediterranean Sea sponge biogeography with, in appendix, a list of the demosponges hitherto recorded from this sea. pdf.pdf3.91 MB

  • PRONZATO R. – Mediterranean Sponge Fauna: a biological, historical and cultural heritage. pdf.pdf3.17 MB

  • BOERO F., BOUILLON J., GRAVILI C., PIRAINO S. – Who cares about the Hydrozoa of the Mediterranean Sea? An essay on the zoogeography of inconspicuous groups. pdf.pdf909.62 KB

  • CURINI-GALLETTI M., CASU M. – Species composition and biogeographical relationships of the Proseriata (Platyhelminthes) of the Mediterranean Sea. pdf.pdf1.06 MB

  • TODARO M. A., MATINATO L., BALSAMO M., TONGIORGI P. – Faunistics and zoogeographical overview of the Mediterranean and Black Sea marine Gastrotricha. pdf.pdf2.72 MB

  • RICCI C., FONTANETO D. – Mediterranean Rotifers: a very inconspicuous taxon. pdf.pdf535.42 KB

  • CANTONE G. – Distribution of benthic polychaetous annelids in the Adriatic Sea with zoogeographic considerations. pdf.pdf1.76 MB

  • OLIVERIO M. – The Mediterranean molluscs : the best known malacofauna of the world… so far. pdf.pdf970.32 KB

  • BELLO G. – The biogeography of Mediterranean cephalopods. pdf.pdf1.13 MB

  • ROSSO A. – Bryozoan diversity in the Mediterranean Sea. pdf.pdf1.73 MB

  • CHIMENZ GUSSO C., LATTANZI L. – Mediterranean Pycnogonida: faunistic, taxonomical and zoogeographical considerations. pdf.pdf678.92 KB

  • ZAGAMI G., CAMPOLMI M., GRANATA A. – Mediterranean calanoid copepods  biogeography: new species identification and first records of hyperbenthic forms. pdf.pdf717.52 KB

  • BELLAN-SANTINI D., RUFFO S. – Biogeography of benthic marine Amphipods in Mediterranean Sea. pdf.pdf1.57 MB

  •  ALLEGRUCCI G. – Molecular markers and geographic variation in Mediterranean fish. pdf.pdf700.32 KB

  • CASALE P., ARGANO R. – Sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea: distribution and conservation aspects. pdf.pdf434.72 KB

  • OLIVERIO M., TAVIANI M. – The Eastern Mediterranean Sea: tropical invasions and niche opportunities in a “Godot Basin”. pdf.pdf404.72 KB

  • BIANCHI C. N., MORRI C. – Global sea warming and “tropicalization” of the Mediterranean Sea: biogeographic and ecological aspects. pdf.pdf708.22 KB

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